Ruum:um is a new generation studio!

Dream tool for you as a content creator so you can focus on the most important – content!

It’s an automated production studio that lets content makers create professional and sharing-ready content with a push of a button. No need for prior knowledge of technology,  including specialists in your team or purchasing expensive equipment.

Make yourself heard by the world with a push of a button!

Recording has never been SO EASY!

Choose the nearest Ruum:um space and time.

You can let our system choose a setup for your based on your last recordings or tweak them yourself.

Publish as a live show to your desired platform or record the raw material to your hard drive!

Possibilities and advantages

Ruum:um offers multiple choices and solutions your live shows and recordings.
You choose which setup is best for you and your followers.

  • A studio that is simple to use
  • Ruum:um gives content creators the possibility to share their ideas and knowledge by offering a platform with a following
  • Professionally made content
  • Global availability of studios
  • Affordable pricing model
  • Comfortable and stylish interior
  • Possibility to rearrange the setup precisely to the users needs
  • Peace of mind for the user so they can concentrate solely on the content

Creators have said:

The ruum:um studio has helped me out with perfect audio quality for my podcast episodes.

– podcast “Ausad naised”

I don’t know how to describe how easy ruum:um has made my recordings. Even though this is just a beta version of the studio itself, it’s been super easy to use – exactly as they’ve said, just one button.

– podcast “Figuurtiajad”

Great way to kick off with podcasting. I have my equipment, but that studio itself, it just brings everything onto another level.

– podcast “Külma kohvi klubi”

Every time I bring a guest to the studio, their first reaction is OMG how cool is this place!

– podcast “Ausad mehed”

Ruum:um partners

Ruum:um – One room does the job

Our goal is to create and provide a world-changing recording and broadcasting experience. We are doing this by using machine learning and constantly developing and improving the algorithms, user experience, Ruum:ums design and production equipment.

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